• Tips for buying quality UGGS

    Aug 09, 2023
    First of all, to choose one fur. The so-called one is the integration of wool, true and false wool identification, is the method of burning with a lighter. Real hair is not burning up, burnt hair a rub into powder, no pungent smell, a little hair burning smell, artificial hair will have a plastic burning pungent smell. If there are hard fibers in it, it may be a blend of wool and artificial wool. Fur one can wear 2 ~ 3 years, and very warm, artificial wool is also warm, but still less than real wool, quality is not as good as fur one. Second, on the low-medium-high tube button style of choice. If is the leg thick girl, in the low cylinder is very good choice. Tall tube is recommended for girls with thin legs. The difference between a cylinder and a button is not so great. The button is more distinctive when it is flanged at the bottom than the cylinder. Third, how to choose the appropriate code number. For normal wear, please buy in normal size. If you need to add insoles or internal height must buy a large size, because the UGG inside a thick hair. Many people do not like Uggs with insoles or simply do not wear socks, in fact from the point of view of hygiene or comfort, or a better insoles. Because UGG wear for a period of time, the hair below will be squashed add a insole, the sole will be soft, and warm better.

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